A little introduction

Hey Ya'll This is Jin, not the smoking one on the left that's my wife, but on the right? me. I'm a huge book nerd and I really wanted to do two things with this blog. 1. Get back into writing something 2. write about what I love and man I love to read. 

I'm a wife, a mom, work a full time job and am attempting to earn my Bachelors degree.  That being said in my downtime I love to read new things.

I can't promise to be spectacular at this, but I can promise to give honest thoughts on what i'm reading at least once a week. Sometimes those feelings will be good and sometimes i'll be brutally honest about something that should have never been written. . . if only to save you from reading something crummy, or to coerce you into reading my 374th favorite book ever. 

I hope someone will track me down out here and enjoy what I have to say, and I really hope I can help you find your next favorite book.

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